Five Top High-CBD Marijuana Strains

Well, great would be if people did not use of the synthetic cannabinoid that came from some money-laundering laboratory installed in the United States. What these people make a point of ignoring is that, yes, CBD is present in marijuana – and can be grown right there in your yard or wardrobe. The only way to enjoy the full benefits of marijuana is to use the ones that are

To assist you in this mission, we have assembled five rich varieties of medical marijuana strains considered rich in CBD. In order for medical marijuana strains to be rich in CBD it is necessary for them to have at least 5% of the substance.

1) Rafael

Launched earlier this year, this variety was developed by TikumOlam, the main research and cultivation organization of medicinal cannabis in Israel, which is responsible for various medicinal strains. Named after the Archangel Raphael, has 18% CBD and less than 1% THC. In sativa predominance, is indicated to treat symptoms of diseases such as cancer, chronic pain, arthritis and disorders digestive diseases. It is not very common to find this type of marijuana in marijuana dispensaries.

2) Cannatonic

Developed by Resin Seeds, Cannatonic consists of a cross hybrid of an MK Ultra female and a male of G13 Haze. The CBD / THC ratio is close to 1: 1. Tests already performed indicated a minimum quantity of 4% of CBD, but there are samples that have already tested up to 17% of cannabinoid. According to the manufacturer, plants grow fast and showy like the indicas, but with the characteristic smell of the sativas. Before looking for strains it is important to understand where medical marijuana legal cannabis is.

3) Midnight

Another popularmedical marijuana strains in Israel and in several other countries that allow people to use medical marijuana, developed by scientists at TikumOlam. Consisting of 60% sativa and 40% indicates, this variety stands out because it has practically identical to CBD and THC, which correspond, respectively, to about 12.5% ​​and 13%. Indications: nausea, digestive problems, Parkinson’s disease and treatment of pain in general.

4) Shark Shock

Created by the Spaniards of Dinafem, the Shark Shock CBD consisting of a strain of predominance indicates that it stands out by rapid and resinous agglomeration. In the ratio 1: 1, it has at least 6% of CBD and 6% of THC, being indicated for carriers of the most diverse pathologies. It is very important to understand what you are looking for before actually picking the right strain for you. The medical marijuana strains are quite similar; however each kind has a special characteristic that can be better explained by professionals in the area.

5) Harlequin

Descendant of traditional strains such as Colombian Gold and Thai, as well as sativas from Switzerland, Harlequin is a dominant sativa (75% / 25%) that stands out for its expressive CBD content (about 13%) and less than 5% THC. The benefits of marijuana can be enjoyed in Harlequin strain, as it is very valuable for those who have been looking for strains with CBD.

Medical Marijuana

5 Heath Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug that is also known as the canabbis. Most of its users range from adolescents and young adults. Over 7 per cent of the population of the United States uses marijuana. There are some people who do not understand what marijuana is? Marijuana is a drug that is psychoactive (mind-altering) and it comes from a plant known as the cannabis plant. It contains a chemical known as the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. There are several marijuana dispensaries today and more especially in those countries with many users of marijuana. Cannabis can either be inhaled through smoking or can be ingested in teas or foods. The main health benefits of marijuana are:

Used in the treatment of glaucoma

Marijuana plays a very crucial role in the treatment of a condition known as glaucoma. Do you know what glaucoma is? Glaucoma is an eye disease that increases pressure on the eyeballs and this ends up damaging the optic nerves. This disease can make one to lose vision and therefore it is important for us to ensure we prevent this condition before it advances. What marijuana does is to decrease the pressure that this disease causes on the eyes.

Prevents the spreading of cancer

According to medical researchers marijuana is very important in preventing the spread of cancer. Cannabidiol prevents a gene known as Id-1 by turning it off hence preventing its spread to the rest of the body. Marijuana legalization has therefore benefited many people because it has enabled them to reduce the rate of spread of the cancer cells to the rest of the body.

It helps decrease anxiety

You can decrease your anxiety using medical marijuana if you are a user. The medical marijuana users say that it can be used in suppressing nausea and in relieving pain at the same time.It Can also help during chemotherapy to relieve the pain. Another thing that you need to know is that higher doses can increase the anxiety at the same time and therefore you need to be very careful to avoid overdose.

It can be used to prevent or even regulate diabetes

Cannabis plays a very important role to our bodies because we can use it to regulate our body weight. Those people who are suffering from diabetes can use cannabis to regulate the disease. It regulates or prevents the disease by regulating the production of insulin.

Helps in the treatment of Arthritis

This is another great role that is done by cannabis. Cannabis is used in the treatment of ailments such as the arthritis. It has helped many of the sufferers to deal with the pain that is associated with this ailment. To treat this condition effectively you have to use quality cannabis balms and creams.

In summary, Cannabis helps in many other ways and therefore its legalization means a lot to the users but the users should not overuse it because of the health problems that may befall them. Marijuana dispensaries have helped many people to recover from addiction and other conditions associated with the drug.

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Medical Marijuana

Finding the Right Strain of Medical Marijuana

Choosing Medicinal cannabis (otherwise called medical marijuana strains) can be a simple choice to make. Picking which strain of marijuana is best for a particular individual or condition can be more convoluted. Numerous patients have never attempted or developed marijuana finding it as a pharmaceutical. Notwithstanding for the persons who have, recognizing what works for recreational and social purposes does not generally decipher into knowing the most reasonable strain of cannabis for particular medical needs.Learn More Here!

While picking a Medicinal marijuana strain, it is valuable to have an essential comprehension of the contrasts between Indica strains and Sativa strains as far as their medical applications.


As far as quantifiable consequences for the body, and research into those impacts, the two primary cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and CBD (cannabidiol).In most medical marijuana strains, THC makes up most of the dynamic fixings, while CBD speaks to a much littler portion. Case in point, a powerful strain might be measured at 15% or even 19% THC, yet will commonly contain less than 1% CBD.

All things considered, this nearly little extent can have observable impact in transit the cannabis influences a patient. While CBD is not viewed as psychoactive in itself, it can grant a number of the Medicinal advantages of cannabis and can likewise direct the impacts of THC.

Impacts and Uses of Medicinal Cannabis Indica Strains

Medical marijuana- Cannabis Indica strains for the most part make a calming, “stoned” feeling. This sensation has a tendency to be focused in the body, which unwinds as muscle strain is diminished. Indicas are best in treating muscle fits and tremors (for instance brought about by numerous sclerosis and Parkinson’s ailment), unending agony, joint and rheumatic firmness and swelling, sleep deprivation, uneasiness and related conditions.

Impacts and Uses of Medicinal Cannabis Sativa Strains

Cannabis Sativa strains give a cerebral, lively “high” impact which is knowledgeable about the brain and also in the body. These strains are best for the treatment of queasiness (for instance brought about by chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS medicines), voracity incitement, headache migraines, wretchedness, incessant agony and comparative manifestations.

Impacts and Uses of Indica/Sativa Hybrid Strains

Half breeds or cross-types of Indica and Sativa strains show attributes from both sorts of cannabis.

  • For a few patients this offers favorable position, particularly when curing with cannabis to diminish ceaseless torment, something for which both Indica and Sativa strains are appropriate.
  • Joining Sativa qualities with an Indica strain can help mental clarity and reduction narcotic impacts, while adding Indica to Sativa strains can bring down the inclination of immaculate Sativas to periodically empower tension.

Most professionally reared cannabis seed-strains contain both Indica and Sativa qualities.

Finding the Best Medicinal Cannabis Strain

Numerous individuals cure with a mix of various medical marijuana strains. The “high” impacts of Sativa strains settle on them a superior decision amid the day, when alertness is alluring, while the unwinding impacts of Indica strains frequently make them more reasonable for night and evening time use. Half breed strains can offer the best of both universes to numerous patients yet might be less suited to others. The kind of condition being dealt with is great manual for whether an Indica or a Sativa strain is more suitable.

Medical Marijuana

Evaluating the sort of side effects the patient tries to alleviate is for the most part the best beginning stage for selecting the most reasonable kind of therapeutic cannabis for their individual condition.get updates from

It is additionally imperative to recollect that generally as each individual’s physiological make-up is somewhat distinctive; the subjective experience of utilizing cannabis medicinally is likewise diverse for everybody. The data offered marijuana dispensaries is planned as a fundamental aide and it is suggested that, if conceivable, anybody wishing to utilize cannabis as prescription ought to first counsel a qualified doctor.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Treats Insomnia

Medical marijuana gives shockingly better rest than other solution rest prescriptions. It gives great, relaxing rest with no of the negative symptoms in medical marijuana states. A sleeping disorder is more than an unsavory disturbance of rest. It can antagonistically influence life in an assortment of ways. It harms health, strains connections and by and large declines personal satisfaction at both home and work.

Tragically, over the counter and other solution helps regularly cause sleepiness the following day and it leaves the patient feeling pretty much as lazy as they do when they cannot rest. In any case, there is no compelling reason to keep on agony the uneasiness and disappointment of restless evenings and languid days. Medicinal marijuana is a sheltered and characteristic distinct option for regularly risky and perplexing drug.

Huge numbers of the medications right now utilized as tranquilizers are hazardous and propensity framing. Then again a great deal of examination has demonstrated that none of these negative symptoms have been knowledgeable about the marijuana legalization. It is non-propensity shaping and as contrasted and other physician recommended drugs it doesn’t put you under so profound that you don’t experience dreams. Rather with medicinal weed you will float off to a charming rest and conscious the following day feeling refreshed and revived.visit their site here.

Marijuana relieves pain

With medical marijuana, numerous patients who experience the ill effects of restlessness and a sleeping disorder are encountering rest like they have not had in years. They report enhanced capacity to nod off furthermore stay unconscious. They additionally say that they do not have any of the remaining sluggishness the following day that they had encountered amid their time on professionally prescribed drugs.

Additionally, numerous patients incline toward that they do not need to experience the unsavory issue of turning out to be progressively dependent on their other medicine. Furthermore, a few patients have the added inconvenience of expanding strength to their different pharmaceuticals that outcomes in always requiring a higher measurement to get the same advantages and it likewise builds the unsavory more news from

Be that as it may, none of these issues happen with restorative marijuana. Since it is non propensity framing, on the off chance that it is important to take somewhat more one night when it is especially difficult to get the opportunity to bed it won’t have any lingering impacts the following day.

Medical Marijuana

It is stunning what a decent night’s rest can do to expand the pleasure in life. Feeling more ready and rested makes it less demanding to work, less demanding to work with your family furthermore prompts a more satisfied, more dynamic way of life. Individuals who get the rest they require around evening time are more inclined to practice and do different exercises that build their personal satisfaction. However, there are some people who have been asking, where are medical marijuana legal cannabis? This will depend on the information given by a doctor. Be careful for you to enjoy the benefits of marijuana.